Apostolic teams form the main missional thrust of Masterbuilders. Five-fold ministry teams are developed regionally and relationally and function to strengthen their own areas and to be available to be sent to churches and other regions to equip God’s people for ministry. One of the chief objectives of apostolic team ministry is to identify, disciple, and help launch additional regional five-fold teams.

Puerto Rico Trip, February 2019

Apostle – Teacher Neil Silverberg traveled with Pastor Tim Atchley, Senior Pastor of Harvest Church in Knoxville, TN, to spend a long weekend visiting the churches in Puerto Rico. They were the first MB team to go to the island since Hurricane Maria devastated it in September, 2017. Neil wrote the following account.

Pastor Tim Atchley

There is no way to describe the level of damage Maria did when it descended upon the island. Though there is scant evidence of it remaining a year and a half later, it is evident in the anguish of those who attempted to describe for us the damage it inflicted. The churches and leaders were especially appreciative of all the help and financial aid they received from Masterbuilders’ churches. They thanked us from the bottom of our hearts.

We did a two-day regional conference with all of the churches represented, as well as several new leaders. Our theme was ‘Understanding the Five-fold Ministry,’ which greatly impacted the region. The both sessions on Friday night and all day Saturday were well attended. The combination of in-depth teaching, which I brought, followed by Tim Atchley’s powerful exhortation ministry, was well-received and the leaders were very appreciative of the input. Before making our trip, we learned that there had been much damage done on the island by those claiming to walk in five-fold gifting. The leaders said this conference went a long way in presenting the true essence of what five-fold ministry is and what should be the spirit of those claiming to walk in these gifts. We were very thankful for the abundant grace shown to the churches. As always, there was a strong emphasis on the need to fully embrace the grace of the gospel in all its breadth to empower the churches to function as God intended.

Tim and I each ministered in two of the local churches on Sunday with great receptivity.

At the end of the conference, we were able to sit down with all the pastors and encourage them to start meeting regularly as a region. All agreed and the next two meetings were planned in May and September. Having Tim share as the leader of the Tennessee region was helpful in providing practical insights for jump starting the region in Puerto Rico. There was a prophetic word during the conference that the Lord had opened a door in heaven for them to move into five-fold reality.

Please continue to pray for the churches as they still recover from Maria. There is a real sense that God is getting ready to move powerfully on the island.