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Update on Puerto Rico

by Rob Elliot

Brothers and sisters, Greetings. I wanted to write you and give you a brief report and request your prayer for two regions in Masterbuilders. Our goal is that through prayer and partnering together, we might see strength and vitality come to two regions. A couple of weeks ago I visited the Puerto Rico region. I […]

Discipleship Part 1: Reconsidering the Nature of Discipleship

by Rob Elliot

If we accept that our God-given mandate is to make disciples, the big questions are how do we make them and into what do we make them. One of the laws of creation is that kind begets kind. We can only reproduce in others what God has worked into us. It is commonly understood that […]

Under Construction

by Rob Elliot

The site is currently under construction. We are working very hard to make this not only a user friendly site, but a great resource for your church or ministry. Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional ideas.