Without vision we are aimless. Our father Abraham had a vision for a city which gave him an impetus to obey God and go to a land that he did not know. To produce any fruit, a vision must come from God. Across the world, God is stirring hearts toward a similar vision as that which we have for Master Builders. That vision is to see the emergence of a fellowship of leaders and their churches dedicated to the expanding of Christ’s reign on earth. This we purpose to do through fostering relationships and building up leaders, thereby assisting and strengthening existing churches, and helping to plant new ones.

Master Builders Fellowship is committed to a solid, biblical vision. We want to reflect God’s glory in the earth by upholding sound biblical doctrine, producing godly lives, and bringing in the harvest. We also strive to realize all that the New Testament sets forth as normative for the Church. For many centuries, God has been in the process of restoring the church for his final purpose. That process continues in our own day. Our desire is to see those men and churches relating to us fully equipped, experiencing all that God intends for the church. This includes the full measure of biblical truth as well as a significant experience of the Holy Spirit.