THE MASTER BUILDERS NATIONAL LEADERSHIP TEAM consists of several men who have a proven calling for the body of Christ at large, and who have exhibited availability and anointing beyond the local church. These men also in some measure possess time and availability to serve and implement the vision, purposes and goals of Master Builders. They all exhibit a genuine love for the local church as well as vision for a harvest in the nations.

Neither the team nor Master Builders, as a fellowship, claims any authority as an organization over any church or ministry belonging to Master Builders. We believe that authority comes from the Lord and is exercised through individuals using the vehicle of proper relationships between those individuals and the churches they serve. It is they who have earned the right to that authority. Individual members of the team have strong ties with some of the churches and leaders which make up Master Builders and any local authority they exercise is limited to those churches and leaders they are closely related to.

The team makes regular accounting to all ministries and churches of all actions taken and monies spent relative to Master Builders Fellowship. The team will submit an annual budget and financial statement to the members.


Master Builders is served by a leadership team consisting of men with a proven five fold calling who serve the churches in Master Builders. There is a team leader selected by the other team members. Although he is called to lead, he is one of the team members and works together with them in all decision making pertaining to Master Builders.

At the present time six men serve on the team.


BeckPete Beck
Pete was born in 1928 and was educated at the University of Alabama where he graduated in 1953 with a degree in Law. At 42 years of age the Lord saved him and called him into the ministry. In 1972 he founded Maranatha Church in Greensboro, N.C. and served as its pastor for over twenty years. Then, in 1994, God called him out of pastoral ministry to pursue the apostolic calling on his life. Pete joined with Neil Silverberg to found Master Builders.

Over the years, Pete has been directly involved in planting four churches that are still growing. He has been involved additionally in an apostolic fatherly role to many other churches both in the U.S. and overseas. For the past thirty-five years he has traveled extensively in the U.S. and overseas helping build the body of Christ. As a team leader, Pete provides Master Builders with much wisdom gained over the years in both pastoral and apostolic ministry.
Pete married Jane Blair in 1950, and together they have four sons, fourteen grandchildren and ten great grand children. He continues to reside in Pleasant Garden, near Greensboro, N.C.


SilverbergNeil Silverberg
Neil Silverberg was born in 1953 and was raised in a Jewish home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and as a teenager moved to Miami, Florida. He first heard the Gospel from the lips of his brother Perry who was saved and delivered from drug use by the power of God. Neil heard the Gospel and in 1971, surrendered his life to the call of God. Immediately, he sensed a call to the work of God and began to prepare for it.

Since that time, Neil pastored several churches and has traveled widely both in the U.S. and abroad. Neil is a gifted teacher with a deep knowledge of Scripture whose teaching gift has helped many. Neil met Pete Beck in the 70s in Miami and struck up a friendship that has lasted almost 25 years. Since that time, Neil’s teaching via cassette has gone out around the world. In 1996, he and Pete Beck felt a call to work directly together providing apostolic oversight to churches. Thus, Master Builders was formed. Neil currently serves as the team leader for Master Builders. Neil also operates Master Press, a publishing company that publishes both his own and other works. He is also a gifted musician and has two CD’s currently on the market.

Neil is married to his wife Shelly and they have three sons. He presently lives in Cape Coral, Florida and works with Christian Life Fellowship where he serves as a local teacher in the body.



FreerMark Freer
Mark Freer was born in 1950 in Detroit, Michigan. After graduating from high school Mark pursued a careen in music, playing in several bands. Most notably the Sam Lay Blues Band in Chicago, Illinois. Mark became a hippie and was heavily involved in the drug scene. Through the consistent testimony and unconditional love of his father, Mark came to faith in Christ in 1974. Mark met his wife Lu at Concordia Lutheran College in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Lu was instrumental in Mark’s receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit which had a transforming impact on his life. Shortly after this experience, Mark received the call into ministry. Mark and Lu were married in 1975. Mark was involved in planting Open Door Christian Church in the Spring of 1976 and was ordained by the church in August 1976. Mark then attended Rhema Bible Training Center in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and graduated in 1977.

In 1980, Mark became the pastor of Open Door in Northville, Michigan, the church is now called Grace Christian Fellowship and is located in Livonia, Michigan. He has served as pastor there for 21 years. Mark is truly a catalyst to the body of Christ. He is a gifted musician, teacher and preacher with a true message of grace, commitment to Christ and to one another.

God has given Mark a vision and a passion for training leaders and helping to establish the church in third world nations. His travels began when he accompanied Bobby Walker on a trip to Mexico in 1980. Mark has been holding pastors conferences in Haiti for the past 17 years. God has opened up many doors to several countries since that time. Mark is currently working in Central and South America, the Caribbean, Greece and Poland. Mark joined Master Builders Fellowship in 1997.



OzMike Osminski
Mike Osminski was saved during the Jesus movement in the early seventies and served for years as a full-time elder in a local church in Detroit, Michigan. For years, he was a gifted teacher in the Detroit Public school system, but eventually used his teaching gift to build the body of Christ.

After years of faithfully serving his local church, he began to get a vision for a new church plant in Detroit. In November of 1997, a group of about 50 adults and 40 children were sent out as the nucleus of that plant with Mike as the Senior Pastor.

God has given Mike unique insight into the Scripture and its application to the church in our day. He combines his teaching gift with keen prophetic insight making it a sharp tool in the hands of the Lord. In the last few years, God has called him to a much wider sphere, traveling among the churches in Master Builders as well as many other streams. He is also being used in several other countries such as Poland, Pakistan, and Russia. His church as gladly sent him out to these places backing him with constant intercession.

Mike lives in Roseville, Michigan with his wife Jan. They have three children and one grandchild.


OakesJeff Oakes

After being healed of a bone disorder as a teenager, Jeff surrendered his life to the Lordship of Jesus. For over 25 years, he has been in full-time ministry. In 1996, Jeff and a team planted Hosanna Fellowship in Johnson City, Tennessee, with a desire to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Manifest Presence of God go forth in the Tennessee Valley. In addition, Jeff is a leadership team member with Masterbuilders Fellowship.


Beck3 Pete Beck III

Saved during the Jesus Revolution in 1971. Baptized in the Spirit the same year. Married for 40 years to the woman who led me to the Lord. Four children. Seven grandchildren. Pastor, Teacher, and Church Planter. Areas of interest: The Gospel, The Baptism in the Holy Spirit, Missional Church, Personal Prayer Ministry, Training, Discipleship, the New Covenant. Hobbies: Writing, golf, jogging, gardening.


wilsoncaimaresWilson Caimares

Wilson Caimares, together with his wife Vilma, is serving as the lead pastor at the Iglesia Misionera de Jesucristo (Missionary Church of Jesus Christ) and at the Iglesia Cristiana del Nuevo Pacto (New Covenant Christian Church) located in Queens and the Bronx, NY, respectively.

His responsibilities, in Master Builders, are to coordinates the New York regional conferences and to work with churches in other countries to help develop five-fold minister’s team there. His vision and purpose is to help prepare leaders for the challenging work of the Kingdom of God.

Wilson lives in Wantagh, Long Island with his wife Vilma. They have two children, and three grandchildren.