Brothers and sisters,
Greetings. I wanted to write you and give you a brief report and request your prayer for two regions in Masterbuilders. Our goal is that through prayer and partnering together, we might see strength and vitality come to two regions.

A couple of weeks ago I visited the Puerto Rico region. I had not been there in quite a while and we had a two day conference with the four MB churches there. I brought the March conference theme (‘Come Out of Her my People; Is the Church Like the World) in my sharing four times at the conference. The conference was well attended and was held at brother Josue’s new building which was beautiful and perfect for the conference. Both Friday night and Saturday the sessions were filled and the people were very hungry. God gave me much freedom in preaching and there was a powerful sense of God’s presence in all of the meetings.

There were new pastors that were present and who seemed interested in MB. I had a word for one that God had previously broken his legs and that God had given him new legs to fulfill his destiny. I thought, of course, that this had spiritual connotations only to find out later that he couldn’t walk the first ten years of his life and just had an operation on his feet in which they told him he couldn’t walk for eight months and was now walking in less than a month! He was rejoicing and he asked that on a return trip, I could come to his church.

After the conference, I met with the four pastors briefly. They had not been meeting for a while (except for a trip about a year ago with Pete) since Ramon (the regional leader) had been sick and almost died. They committed again to quarterly gatherings and I strongly encouraged them to do so. Please pray for the PR Region as there seemed to be several new pastors who are interested and God is stirring them at this point.

Also, please pray for Pete and I who will be in St. Louis in two weeks for a Midwest regional with our two churches there. Pastor Rick Hunter has invited several inner city pastors who plan on attending the conference. We have had powerful prophecy years ago from Keith Hazell regarding the Midwest region that MB would have great influence. Please join us in your prayers as we hold this important Midwest conference that God will open doors for new churches and leaders to come into relationship with MB. On Sunday, Pete will go to Mount Vernon to be with Christian Fellowship Church and I will stay in St. Louis and be with Zion City.

These two regions need much prayer support. Stand with us in this labor for they are our brothers and sisters.

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