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Discipleship Part 1: Reconsidering the Nature of Discipleship

by Rob Elliot

If we accept that our God-given mandate is to make disciples, the big questions are how do we make them and into what do we make them. One of the laws of creation is that kind begets kind. We can only reproduce in others what God has worked into us. It is commonly understood that […]

How Understanding Salvation’s First Cause Promotes Rest

by Rob Elliot

How Understanding Salvation’s First Cause Promotes Rest It is my conviction that how we come to know Christ profoundly shapes how we relate to him as we go forward. (Colossians 2:6) How we receive the Lord also influences how we testify to our faith with others, because how Jesus revealed himself to us adds a […]

Healing the Hardened Heart

by Rob Elliot

Healing the Hardened Heart Heart disease and heart attacks are a leading cause of death. The Bible identifies the heart as the seat of our spiritual life. King Solomon advised his son David to guard his heart with all vigilance, because it is the source of life. (Proverbs 4:23) Unfortunately Solomon failed to follow his […]